Backups 201: Intelligent Business Continuity Takes IT One Step Further

Implementing a backup solution is a good first step towards keeping your organization productive and avoiding costly downtime. But, not all backups are made the same.

For instance, traditional backups require manual process to backup, test, and restore your data. This is better than no backup at all, but traditional backups leave room for errors or data corruption to occur and take a long time to restore from.

Intelligent business continuity solutions are automated and their virtualization capabilities mean you can be restored in just minutes rather than hours, avoiding expensive business interruption.

Advantages of Intelligent Business Continuity

Hyrbid cloud-based backup

This is a key differentiator from traditional backups. When you adopt a hybrid cloud-based backup at your organization, you will have a local appliance that’s backing up everything and enabling fast restores. In case a disaster strikes, and that local appliance is destroyed, your data is also backed up in two data centers on opposite sides of the country. One in Pennsylvania, and one in Utah.

Intelligent business continuity data flow [graphic]

Automated backup

If you have a home security system then you’re already familiar with using automation for security. Most home security systems have automation built-in so that you can program your lights to turn on and off at given times. Intelligent business continuity takes this same premise and applies it to data backups.

Customize your data backup interval and schedule to automatically occur at specific times each and everyday. Every organization will have different schedule and interval requirements, but we can help you automate the best schedule for you.

Image-based backup

Traditional backups rely on a what’s called a file-based backup. In this type of backup, every file is backed up by its own. Think about this as a chain, with each file being a link in the chain. If one of the links is broken, the entire chain is unusable.

When it’s time to restore from a file-based backup you will need to restore your operating system, all of your apps, and all of your files. This is a huge amount of data and it makes for lengthy restore times.

In a modern image-based backup, a full mirror image of everything in your environment is created. When it’s time to restore, you can back up and running much faster because you are working from an exact snapshot of your previous state.

Instant virtualization

Instant virtualization enables your organization to get back up and running in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days. We can simply connect to your local appliance and get you back up and working in a virtual state, like nothing ever happend. This minimizes your downtime and keeps your recovery time objective as low as possible.

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