Benefits of Working with a WBE

Here at Twinstate Technologies®, we have long been proud to call ourselves a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). Since 2003, Twinstate has obtained and maintained our certifications on the federal level along with certifications in New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. Holding our certifications isn’t just something to be proud of; our customers benefit from Twinstate’s accomplishments, too. No matter the industry, customers are finding that working closely with a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise has its advantages.

1. Tax Incentives

Whether it’s corporate or government in which you work, the federal government offers tax incentives and breaks to companies who utilize the help of women-owned businesses to supply certain services. Depending on your partnership and project, some businesses even receive rebates from aligning themselves with a WBE. In the end, subcontracting specific services to a women-owned business will not only save your business money but could improve your ROI.

2. Greater Flexibility

While government and larger corporations are typically held to certain standards or must follow a specific protocol, these organizations find some relief when working with a women-owned business. Where their organization might be so large that they are bound by the rules to have procedures done a certain way, a certified women-owned business can offer greater flexibility when it comes to working on a project. Often, they are small enough where flexibility isn’t an issue, and changes can be approved more quickly to please a customer than it would in a Fortune 500 company or government agency.

3. Cost Savings

Working with a women-owned business enterprise could offer potential cost savings through passed-along supply chain and overhead. With fewer processes and ‘middle men’ in place, products and services not only reach you faster, but are more cost effective. A quicker process in product and service supply chain will undoubtedly be easier for your business to depend on them.

4. Showing Diversity

People enjoy conducting business with companies that appreciate and celebrate their partnerships with diverse companies. Partnering with a certifed Women-Owned Business Enterprise not only fulfills your business’s partnership requirement should you need it, but it also exposes your company to a whole new network of people who also work with that WBE. Diversity also promotes competition on price and service. Whereas there may have been one primary vendor before working with a WBE, there is now a greater scope of vendor choices in the market.

Twinstate has partnered with hundreds of businesses that look to our company for exceptional service alongside our WBE certification. We take great pleasure in helping our customers succeed no matter the project and look forward to growing long-term business partnerships with new clients.