DEF CON 25: Hackers Want Your Things

With the advent of IoT devices in every home and business, from networked garage doors to luxury home environments available from your mobile phone, hackers both good and bad have started chanting another motto. Hack The Planet! has become Hack All The Things! Def Con 25, an annual hacker conference and largest of its kind in the world, premiered dozens of IoT-like artwork in the form of badges, a subcultural icon amongst hackers. Pictured above is the Car Hacking Village badge, complete with ODB2 connection for hacking vehicles.

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Def Con From a Twinstater’s Perspective

I have always been interested in the offensive security field and its benefits to businesses and people. I believe that sometimes, people don’t understand a threat unless it has directly affected them or someone they know. I was recently promoted to the position of Cyber Security Specialist at Twinstate Technologies®, but more notably, am known as the Social Engineering Technician and Wireless Penetration Tester. As a key member of the Red Team here at Twinstate, I couldn’t have been more excited to travel to Las Vegas and attend my very first Def Con.

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On the Road Again with the Twinstate Team

Woman in balaclava using laptop in the office.jpeg

As summer continues, Twinsate Technologies is sending representatives to yet another cyber-related event, this time at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas. Def Con which started in 1993 is a conference created out of love for hacking. IT professionals, ethical hackers, and hobbyists alike flock to Def Con each year.
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