Patching Vulnerabilities: Your Guide to Patch Management

Over sixty percent of small businesses fall victim to hacking each year, and unpatched software is the leading cause of computers getting exploited.

Patch management is an integral part of network security as it protects your operating system and applications from malicious attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in unpatched software.

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7 Tips for CPAs on Client Information from a Service Provider’s View

CPA’s and bookkeepers are entrusted with confidential information by their clients. In the wrong hands, this information can be of value to someone else. It has been estimated that a full online identity can bring in $1,300 on the dark web, the more pieces of your clients’ information, the more value to crooks. So, even if you think that you are too small of a target for someone to steal from, what you hold is of interest to evil doers and it can be used to generate more income for the cheats and thieves that use it.

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