Verizon Customers – A New Phishing Scam Is Targeting Your Mobile Device

Security researchers at Lookout have discovered a sophisticated, new phishing campaign that is targeting Verizon Wireless customers on their mobile devices. This phishing kit is different from other phishing kits and demonstrates a new level of sophistication in two ways.

First, phishing kits that target mobile devices aren’t very common. The Verizon phishing scam shows that cyber criminals are evolving their hacking methods to align with shifting technology trends. As more workers rely on mobile devices at home and at work, it is likely that we will start to see an uptick in phishing campaigns optimized to hit mobile devices.

The hackers behind this campaign also displayed knowledge about Verizon’s infrastructure which indicated they did a significant amount of research before launching their attack. Their familiarity with Verizon’s operations sets them apart from traditional phishing campaigns.

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Electoral Cybersecurity: Hackers Put Voting Equipment to the Test

Electoral cybersecurity started to receive nationwide interest after the 2016 election when hackers working for the Russian government launched a targeted influence campaign on Facebook and broke into systems at the Democratic National Committee.

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President Trump Puts US Cybersecurity on the Offensive with Reversal of Obama-era Directive

On Wednesday, President Trump signed an order to reverse an Obama-era memorandum, dictating the U.S. governments use of cyberweapons. By reversing the rules outlined in the classified memorandum known as Presidential Policy Directive 20, President Trump is making it easier for U.S. Cyber Command to deploy cyberweapons and interfere with adversarial cyberattacks on the United States.

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