Office 365 Users — The Latest Phishing Scam is Targeting YOU.

Do you use Microsoft’s widely used Office 365 software? You should be on high alert or you might be the victim of the latest phishing campaign circulating around the web. 

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Is Your Office 365 Account Leaving You Vulnerable? Check Your O365 Configurations

Organizations have been rapidly adopting cloud technologies and implementing organizational cloud strategies. Increasingly, these organizations are using third-party services to migrate their email services to Office 365 and other cloud services. Unfortunately, many companies that utilized a third-party for their cloud migration find themselves with configurations that reduced their security posture.

If you’ve moved to Office 365, make sure these settings are configured for security:

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has identified the configurations that leave O365 users vulnerable. Don’t let these easily fixable security oversights result in mailbox compromise for your users.

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Backup Office 365: The 7 Things You Must Know

If your office is moving to a new location and you need to box up items, you might think about a do-it-yourself approach, which could save you money. When you need to backup your Office 365 data, a do-it-yourself approach is not a good idea.

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