Office 365 Users — The Latest Phishing Scam is Targeting YOU.

Do you use Microsoft’s widely used Office 365 software? You should be on high alert or you might be the victim of the latest phishing campaign circulating around the web. 

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Verizon Customers – A New Phishing Scam Is Targeting Your Mobile Device

Security researchers at Lookout have discovered a sophisticated, new phishing campaign that is targeting Verizon Wireless customers on their mobile devices. This phishing kit is different from other phishing kits and demonstrates a new level of sophistication in two ways.

First, phishing kits that target mobile devices aren’t very common. The Verizon phishing scam shows that cyber criminals are evolving their hacking methods to align with shifting technology trends. As more workers rely on mobile devices at home and at work, it is likely that we will start to see an uptick in phishing campaigns optimized to hit mobile devices.

The hackers behind this campaign also displayed knowledge about Verizon’s infrastructure which indicated they did a significant amount of research before launching their attack. Their familiarity with Verizon’s operations sets them apart from traditional phishing campaigns.

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New Phishing Attack Uses Decoy PDF to Scalp Credentials at Colorado Law Firm

Recently, A PDF decoy was used in stealing credentials from a Denver based law firm. This phishing attack was made possible by use of Azure blob storage that contained a Microsoft-issued domain and SSL certificate.

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Social Engineering Techniques and Your Privacy and Security

Clicking “Like” on a Tweet, tagging yourself in a photo on Facebook; today, almost everyone has at least one form of social media account where information is shared openly within their immediate friend circle. But in reality, your information is shared far beyond your network and can easily be captured by social engineering criminals who are looking to exploit your privacy and security.

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