10 Cybersecurity New Years Resolutions for 2019 [Infographic]

Cyber threats are increasing as the years go on. Here are 10 cybersecurity resolutions you can accomplish in 2019 to protect your hard-earned business. Read more

Child Identity Fraud: Keeping Your Kids Protected From Identity Theft

Pack their lunch, drop them off at school, check their credit history. That’s just one more thing responsible parents need to do to keep their kids safe. With identity fraud crimes reaching record highs, a worrying trend is emerging of data thieves who steal the social security numbers of minors and then open credit cards, apply for loans or government benefits in their name.

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Your Guide to Enterprise Grade VPNs

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is an encryption based method used to ensure that your web browsing traffic, network transactions, and emails, remain confidential.  If you’re not using a VPN cyber voyeurs can intercept your data to use and abuse for their own purposes. VPNs are an essential tool to block unwanted eyes from seeing what you’re doing online.

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4 Online Shopping Safety Tips Bound To Keep You Protected This Cyber Monday

The madness of crowds on Black Friday has many consumers opting to stay home and do their deal hunting from the comfort of their living room on Cyber Monday.

While we can’t keep you safe from stampeding crowds, we can help keep your safe from hackers.


With the shopping season upon us, and more people punching in their credit card information online, we thought it was a great time to encourage safe online shopping habits.

4 Ways to Stay Safe Shopping Online

  1. Be careful with your clicks.
  2. Only shop if there’s a lock
  3. Don’t shop on hotspots
  4. Use strong and unique passwords

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Are You Being Sold on the Dark Web?

You may have seen a lot of buzz around something called the dark web recently, with the recent leaks of classified documents regarding the Air Force drone program, the first ever national level bust of underground vendors selling various illegal contraband, and a large data breach that exposed over 230 million American’s basic Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Most users think they aren’t a target on the dark web, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Twinstate Technologies and Champlain National Bank: Teaming Up for the Community

Champlain National Bank _ Alex.png

As part of their regular event series, Champlain National Bank enlisted the help of Twinstate Technologies to host “Learn to Protect Yourself Online.” The event kicked-off on Wednesday, August 9th after hours at Champlain National Bank’s Route 3 location in Plattsburgh.

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