Combating Ransomware and Protecting Your Business

Set to kick-off on June 20th at 12:30 pm, Twinstate Technologies is teaming up yet again with partner Datto, a world leader in data protection, to bring you “How to Combat Ransomware,” a free webinar focused on helping businesses recognize and build resiliency against attacks. Set to be our second presentation of “How to Combat Ransomware,” experts Alex Insley, Twinstate’s Unified Defense Strategies Technical Manager, and Datto’s Michael DePalma, Security Expert & Channel Development Manager, will be discussing not only the importance of recognizing and understanding the severity of a ransomware attack, but how you can prepare your business if a disaster strikes.

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Twinstate Technologies to Host Free Ransomware Webinar

Datto Ransomware Statistic.png

Malware attacks are happening everywhere, at all times, and businesses are worried about how they will protect themselves. Statistics say that 60 percent of small companies that suffer a cyberattack are out of business within six months. Ask yourself, “Can my business afford to be attacked?” Probably not.

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