Boost your network threat protection

Many businesses like yours are in a constant struggle as they attempt to stop hacking before it starts. How do you know what resources your business needs to prevent it? And—perhaps most importantly—how do you keep your security up to date with the ever-evolving nature of hacking?


The answer is that automation can handle much of the work, but it's still imperative to call in the experts. The role of hackers and their ability to carry out attacks has become significantly easier thanks to sophisticated tools and distributed assault platforms. Thwart the threats and keep your network safe with preventative services performed by a team of certified information-security specialists who have your back.

Rather than rely on a system that sends in an expert when it's already too late, count on Twinstate Technologies' continuous monitoring and proactive threat response. Our threat-intelligence updates are applied directly to your security platform, making sure that you get the latest protection without adding to your IT department's already busy workload.