Download Free Ransomware Whitepaper by Twinstate and Sophos

Cyber attacks, and more specifically ransomware attacks, are on the rise. We hear in the news daily of an attack happening on businesses, individuals and government agencies. Today, there is no excuse not to be well aware and prepared for an attack. Prevention is the key.

Twinstate Technologies invites readers to download “How to Stay Protected Against Ransomware,” a whitepaper by Twinstate and Sophos on all things ransomware. Not only will readers learn the basics of ransomware, but they will also find nine points outlined by our partner Sophos on common causes and prevention.

Some of the first and most critical steps in battling the ever-growing threats from ransomware attacks are understanding what ransomware is and what the goal of the specific attack is against its victim. Like the word says, ransomware is the act of exploiting your information in exchange for ransom. To get your private information back, whether it be personal or business, ransomware demands that you pay the ransom. But paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee cyber-criminals will return your information.

You now know what ransomware is. But the most difficult part is detecting it before it has a chance to cause damage. This isn’t easy considering the hackers developing this malicious software are professionals at fooling even savvy computer users. From developing specific, targeted attacks to programming malware kits available for purchase on the black market, it feels almost impossible to stay ahead of an attacker.

Even more knowledgeable users can fall victim to ransomware, whether it be through a convincing phishing email from their CEO, a bad actor mimicking their personal accounts, or simply stumbling upon a malicious website. Bottom line – if this happens to you or your business, proper actions must be taken to remedy the situation, recover your data, and properly report the incident.

Download our guide to “How to Stay Protected Against Ransomware,” and learn what you can do today to protect yourself from ransomware.

To learn more about ransomware, download our webinar recording, “Surviving Ransomware: Don’t Get It in the First Place.”