Helping Your Business Guard Against Ransomware

Twinstate Technologies hosted a webinar this week to address the growing concern surrounding cybersecurity. Datto, our partner in this effort, joined Twinstate to discuss ‘How to Combat Ransomware’ – a topic that demands to be discussed especially after recent incidents like WannaCry.

Leading the discussion was Twinstate’s Alex Insley, Unified Defense Strategies (UDS) Technical Manager, and Datto’s Michael DePalma, Security Expert & Channel Development Manager. It was timely for these two IT experts to come together and educate on the severity of ransomware in relation to small and medium-sized businesses. More and more, Insley and DePalma are seeing businesses under attack and even fail due to ransomware attacks.

New findings show that 60 percent of attacks are on small to medium-sized businesses. And 60 percent of that number go out of business within 6 months.

Statistics like this, while alarming, are not well-known to most of the businesses who could be directly affected from a ransomware attack.

Topics covered included the importance of your business’s cyber hygiene, including what you should be doing to achieve the bare minimum in network security. Putting in place methods like patching, lockdown access, next-generation endpoint security, next-generation firewall, backups and business continuity are all critical to have in place to ensure that your network is protected properly. As Insley and DePalma explained, anything less than these efforts can leave your network open to vulnerabilities as attacks become more strategic and more targeted implementation.

Highlighted above other solutions, and possibly the most important piece to your security is your business’s backup and business continuity solution. This is the last line of defense in your network; therefore, a reliable partner is essential to ensure that your data is properly copied and saved on a routine basis, and able to be restored in case of an attack. Knowing your data is not only backed up but able to be completely restored to the same state as it was before an attack occurred is key to surviving many attacks. A vetted and best-in-breed Twinstate partner, Datto has long been a leader in backup and business continuity. When it comes to offering solutions for backup, Twinstate’s partnership with Datto for our Disaster Recovery Cloud Service (DRCS) offers customers next-generation cloud backup solutions. Utilizing the combination of a local and cloud-based approach to your system’s backup that DRCS offers will ensure that businesses with a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of less than 1-2 days. In the case of a catastrophic event, you can be reassured that your data is consolidated into a system image and restored daily outside business hours. Doing this will ensure all machines protected by DRCS are available as virtual machines, allowing you and your staff to continue business as normal until the issues are resolved.

Ransomware – a topic that demands to be discussed especially after recent incidents like WannaCry. 

As the webinar kicked off, we were excited to see the amount of interest that had grown around ‘How to Combat Ransomware’. Having the large turn out further proves that ransomware is a topic that is heavily on the minds of the businesses in our communities. And Twinstate is here to help reduce your stress surrounding attacks.

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