How a Perimeter Scan Can Be Your First Step to Stopping Hackers

You know that your network needs better cybersecurity. But, the tricky part is figuring out where to start. Depending on how much or how little protection you currently have can dictate how much or how little your company will need. For the average person who isn’t so sure where to start, a Perimeter Scan by Twinstate Technologies® is the perfect introduction for your system. After all, how do you know what cybersecurity packages are right for your system without knowing what your vulnerabilities are first?

A Perimeter Scan does as it sounds. It scans your network’s perimeter looking for holes that could potentially act as entry points for malicious activity. Your perimeter is what the rest of the world sees of your network, including hackers. In fact, this same method is used to conduct malicious activity. So why not use the same method for good?

Think of a Perimeter Scan as someone scanning the outside of your home. Yes, the doors and windows are shut, but is your door locked? Can I see through your window and into your living room? Often, times, business owners think that their current solution to security is fully covering them. However, a Perimeter Scan goes that extra step to discover what might have been missed and what is not necessarily as secure as you’d like.

In short, this is the perfect starting-off point for any business. It will inform you of where your security is lacking without cleaning out your bank account. Even better is that deploying a Perimeter Scan won’t disturb your business’s day-to-day activity. Employees can carry on their daily activity. Deployed remotely from Twinstate, a Perimeter Scan won’t require setup or installation of any kind.

Hackers work fast and act fast. If there is an opportunity to infiltrate a system, they will take advantage, and execute quickly. The same logic and mindset applies when conducting a Perimeter Scan. If a Perimeter Scan can easily and quickly detect a gateway into your system, then so can a hacker. Whether there are holes in remote access points, employee devices, outdated devices or accounts, Twinstate will execute the Scan and schedule a consultation to review the findings. Depending how the scan performed will help you and your Twinstate representative determine the next steps you should be taking in your cybersecurity planning.

Taking this essential first step will not only help you and your IT team or partner know the state of your cybersecurity solution, but it will also help lay the groundwork for what should be your company’s next cybersecurity investment. Rather than guessing and spending unnecessary money, your Perimeter Scan will help you hone in on what deserves an investment now.