Connect and protect the educational institution and its people

Today’s schools face a litany of unique requirements alongside a wealth of concerns. To be competitive, they must provide technology that offers optimal communication. They must be able to protect the privacy of their students and faculty. They must safeguard their IT infrastructure from the threat of cyberattacks. And, they must always be on alert, guaranteeing security systems are up to date. With vast experience in the educational sector, Twinstate Technologies offers solutions designed to connect and protect the educational institution and its people.


Show your excellence as an educating body by enriching your unified communications and collaboration technologies and heightening security—on your network and your campus. With advanced functionality like site-to-site conference capabilities, you’ll enable students to collaborate outside of school walls, thus broadening their learning avenues and better preparing them for the workplace. Take important security steps, such as implementing defense tactics and IP video surveillance, to instill confidence about safety and privacy. No matter the need, we can support you in reducing costs and simplifying your IT infrastructure while keeping your technology one step ahead.