Mitel MiCloud: Your VoIP and Inbound Call Center Solution

You’re a business owner who is striving to be ahead of your competition in every way. So why settle for anything less than a phone system that can deliver all of your business needs? Mitel MiCloud as part of a Hosted Voice solution, allows small and medium-sized businesses to operate at a Fortune 500 level without paying the Fortune 500 price. Whether you are working with your customers or collaborating with work colleagues, your ability to communicate clearly and constantly is key to your business’s success.

In today’s business world, it’s rare to have your employees solely working from their desks. Nowadays, people are working on the road, from their home office and virtually any location they can. With Mitel’s MiCloud, it allows your business to have a VoIP and inbound call center solution that enables your business to continue running productively while allowing your employees to operate from anywhere.

A sales associate, for example, doesn’t have to choose between attending an important training conference and closing a deal with a new account. The Cloud allows for productivity without disrupting means of communication with the customer, ensuring that they can reach the right employee the first time. Unlike other services that prompt you to press extensions for departments, Mitel allows for simple voice activated prompts that allow callers to say specifically what or who they are looking for. This ensures customers always get to the correct employee whether they are working from home, the office or on their mobile device and staff helping never miss a call.

Experts say that by the end of 2017, 75 percent of enterprise applications will be for smartphones and tablets. Whether it is a mobile device, tablet or another smart device, the Cloud function allows users to choose which device they communicate on and are reached from the same number no matter if they are in the parking lot or on vacation in South America.

The Cloud allows for productivity without disrupting means of communication with the customer. twitter-logo-vector-download-612819-edited.jpg

MiCloud also offers business analytics for companies who are interested in keeping a record of inbound and outbound calls, missed calls, the number of calls in a day and to what department, web chat activity and more. This information can be useful in any sized business to either help grade current customer service efforts or improve on a customer’s phone and web experience. 

A top concern when choosing a new system for your business is always the products integration abilities. Mitel has engineered MiCloud to integrate seamlessly with over 20 different CRM databases so as to not disrupt systems that are already in place. This easy integration also allows for continuous productivity so as to not interrupt employees’ workflow or the customer’s experience while working with your company.

Other concerns to factor are the cost of a new product and is the investment you make going to be worth it for your business. However, little do people realize that making an investment in Hosted Voice with Mitel can be more cost effective than they assume. Because Mitel can integrate with other already established systems and is easy to install, it is essentially adding a layer to your system rather than replacing it. No need to start from scratch again. Now you can have the convenience of utilizing Mitel’s cloud to simplify voice, video, messaging, document sharing and conferencing all through one service more cost effectively.

Mitel has engineered MiCloud to integrate seamlessly with over 20 different CRM databases. twitter-logo-vector-download-612819-edited.jpg

Often overlooked, but critical to your unified communication infrastructure, is your system’s ability to scale up or down. This is also another benefit to Hosted Voice and MiCloud. Utilizing the Cloud will work just as effectively if you are a company of just a few people but have plans for expansion and growth in the coming years. Having a solution that grows with you and saves your company the time and expense of having to consider new systems to be re-integrated as you grow will keep your company modern.  With MiCloud, your business will be left unaffected by growth and continue to operate smoothly.


  • Improved Business Agility
  • Simplified Support
  • Financial Gains

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As your business grows, it isn’t just the communication infrastructure that you must consider, but those who will be using it. As time goes on, the largest population, Millennials, will slowly take over the workforce. With this change, comes the need to have a system that works best for that population. Millennials are more tech savvy than previous generations and demand that the latest in technology, conveniences, and flexibility be available to them in the workplace so that they may be allowed to have a more controlled work/life balance and remain connected no matter where they are.

As technology advances, businesses are forced to enhance their environments to keep up with their customers, incoming staff and the technology itself. Making a small investment into MiCloud will give your business a large advantage without having to pay a huge cost to support it.