Out and About with Twinstate Technologies

Summer has officially started with Twinstate team members traveling all over the United States to conferences and events seeking more knowledge and offering expertise on our lines of business.

DattoCon: June 5th – 7th

Datto is one of the world’s leading total data protection companies who offers essential business solutions to some of the fastest growing and most progressive companies all over the globe. As a valued partner, Twinstate members will be attending DattoCon sessions from technical to sales and marketing led by industry experts from around the country. As the need for cybersecurity increases so does the need for Datto partners to be fully prepared with the latest tools and services to best educate and protect their customers.

There are affordable, and easy to implement and manage solutions that Twinstate can help you with. Our Disaster Recovery Cloud Services (DRCS) is one of them. Learn more about DRCS at our June 20th webinar, How to Combat Ransomware, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Co-hosted by Datto. Save your seat today!

New York State Cybersecurity Conference: June 7th – 8th

Hosted by the New York State Office of Information Technology Service, June 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of this conference. In partnership with University at Albany’s School of Business and The New York State Forum, the event will take place at the Empire State Plaza.

Twinsate Technologies CEO and Acting CISO® Devi Momot, CISSP®, GSLC®, GISP®, will be leading the presentation, Relevant, Understandable Cybersecurity and Privacy for Executives, Managers, and Board Members, a session aimed to teach executives, managers, and other decision-makers the importance of embracing and understanding the importance of investing in cybersecurity.

As part of a statewide effort, this conference focuses to boost cybersecurity awareness in key sectors such as government, education, public and private sectors and more. As technology has advanced, the need to educate both state and local governments has become increasingly critical.

North Country Business Expo: June 8th

As a main sponsor of the North Country Business Expo, members of Twinstate’s marketing and sales teams will be networking with businesses from throughout the region. Twinstate will be showcasing new products and services that span our Unified Communications & Collaboration, Cybersecurity & IT, and Building & Infrastructure lines along with special promotional offerings for businesses.

New this year, Twinstate Technologies will be giving away a free Perimeter Scan to one lucky business who enters a business card. A great prize for anyone who is curious about cybersecurity for their business but not sure where to start, this Perimeter Scan (valued at $199) is the perfect opportunity to test the cyber waters. Other prizes will include several gift baskets with fun, local products.

ANYCon: June 16th – 17th

The 1st Annual ANYCon Conference is set to kick-off in Albany in just a few short weeks. The first event of its kind in the Capital District, ANYCon will highlight hacking, InfoSec, and cybersecurity. As a Gold Sponsor, Twinstate will not only be leading several presentations but has also been key in organizing the conference.

ANYCon Feat. Image-555630-edited-786688-edited.jpg

Red Team Manager, Jennifer Allen, will be representing Twinstate Technologies in her hosted workshop, DIY Spy: Roll-Your-Own Covert Channels with Scapy & Python. Here, she will be working alongside tech hobbyists, college students and other tech enthusiasts to give them a hands-on demonstration.

This conference, which is nearly sold out, has attracted both vendors and guests from an array of sectors from government, education, cyber professionals, hobbyists and more who are seeking to learn not only the latest in what cybersecurity has to offer, but tech tricks and techniques they could implement on their own.  The two-day event features experts from CEOs to IT technicians to dive deep into cybersecurity, but more importantly, offer event-goers a chance to see several live demonstrations and to get involved with the conference.

Blood Drive: June 19th

Twinstate Technologies has always been a proud supporter of the North Country Regional Blood Center. This is an opportunity for not only Twinstate employees but also the public to give back to their local community and saves lives. Several times a year, Twinstate Technologies hosts the Center and welcomes the community to come and donate to what is a much-needed life saver in the North Country. The North Country Regional Blood Center will be taking donations on Monday, June 19th, from 8 am – 11 am at Twinstate’s headquarters in Morrisonville.


How to Combat Ransomware Webinar: June 20th


Twinstate is teaming up with Datto for yet another highly anticipated, free webinar on combating ransomware for businesses. This will be the second discussion on the topic led by industry experts, Twinstate Technologies’ Alex Insley, UDS Technical Manager, and Datto’s Michael DePalma, Security Expert & Channel Sales Executive.

We will be going deep into why businesses should take disaster recovery seriously and what it will mean for a company if they don’t. Whether a natural disaster occurs or your network is compromised from a ransomware attack, statistics have proven that businesses who fail to have a plan are unlikely to survive the downtime. Datto is one of the world’s leading backup and recovery solutions experts and we have teamed up with them to help bring businesses next-generation solutions.