The Limitations of Traditional Backup

You likely have some form of backup in place at your organization. Maybe you’re using external hard drives, USB drives, or backup with tape. These are okay options if the alternative is not having any backup in place, but these solutions have limitations that can be quite costly.

The Limitations of Traditional Backup

High Failure Rate

Traditional backups require a lot of manual testing. If your traditional backups aren’t being regularly tested then you have no way of knowing if your data will be readily available when you need to restore it after an incident.

Slow Recovery Times

The manual nature of traditional backups make recovery a lengthy process. You need to gather all of your tape and hope that it was being manually tested and that no errors were made in that manual process.

High Risk of Infection or Theft

The physical nature of traditional backups heightens your risk of having your data stolen from an employees unlocked car, misplaced, or corrupted in transit.

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