The Value of Working with a Heritage Brand

There is something to be said for small, family-owned companies these days. In a world where large corporations reign supreme, it’s any wonder that small and midsized businesses (SMBs) have a fighting chance to stay in business. Yet, SMBs still have a strong presence in markets today and hold a special value that larger companies can’t compare to, such as providing in-person customer service, seasoned experience, and fast response times while going the extra mile to work within your business’s budget. The same holds true for Twinstate Technologies® and the legacy we represent after being founded nearly 50 years ago.

From the time Twinstate’s founders, Chuck Currier and Dulcie Sherman, opened the doors in 1968 as Adirondack Security, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with the latest in technology at the highest level of customer service. With our roots beginning in physical security and telecommunications, we have always invested in the future of technology and provided quality, state-of-the-art products and services to our customers. Having established relationships with leading technology manufacturers like Mitel, for nearly 40 years, as well as VMware and Sophos, has enabled Twinstate to not only better serve and supply our customers with the best products available, but allows us to share industry and professional feedback from our partners firsthand with our clients.

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Now, nearly half a century later, what was once a business with one location in Morrisonville, New York, this heritage brand is now a company with nationwide coverage and four locations, including offices in Latham, New York, Concord, New Hampshire, and Colchester, Vermont, which was established in the early 1970s. Carrying on the family company and its forward-thinking approach are the founders’ three children who co-own and operate the company.

Devi Currier Momot, CEO and Acting CISO, Dawn Currier Juneau, VP of Strategic Alliances, and Clark Currier, VP of Operations, have taken the company their parents created and continued to build a strong, loyal customer-base throughout its territories and across its lines of business, which now include: Unified Communications & Collaboration, Cybersecurity & IT, and Building & Infrastructure.

Pictured: Clark Currier, Devi Currier Momot & Dawn Currier Juneau, Owners of Twinstate TechnologiesPictured above: Owners of Twinstate Technologies – Clark Currier, Devi Currier Momot, Dawn Currier Juneau.

With all of the growth, expansion and change throughout the years, there is one factor that remains constant: exceptional experiences that create loyal customers. While Twinstate has grown significantly in the past half century, we are happy to say we have partnered with thousands of new clients throughout the Northeast, nationwide and internationally. We are especially proud of the long-standing relationships we have maintained with our oldest customers, with many exceeding 30 years. Our service to clients has remained strong with the same principles now as when we first opened: exceptional customer experiences matched by our industry knowledge and professionalism.

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We have tackled thousands of technology scenarios over the years, helping us in our problem solving today. We have a wealth of experience to draw from, enabling our team to view customer challenges from many vantage points. This enhances our ability to provide sound advice and best-practice solutions. With the world of technology evolving faster now more than ever before, it is rare to find all of these aspects in one company that can balance the needs of their customers well without sacrificing quality. And, like most of our customers, we are a small business and understand the unique challenges that all SMBs face. Case in point, cybersecurity.

We have tackled thousands of technology scenarios over the years, helping us in our problem solving today.twitter-logo-vector-download-612819-edited.jpg

At Twinstate, we believe in providing our customers with enterprise-level security at affordable prices. We understand that running an SMB often requires decision-makers to budget funds according to importance. Sometimes picking between investing in a much needed office expansion versus an upgrade in a computer system, for example, can weigh heavy on the mind of business owners. Here, we too know the challenges and believe that businesses should be able to have both at a cost that fits their budget.

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Not only do we invest in our technology, our own research and development, and advanced solutions and services, but we also invest in our people; it is a large portion of why we have been successful over the years. After all, the technology is only as good as the person installing and maintaining it. Moreover, many of our business line experts hold credentials and certifications from the most recognized organizations. Some of our cybersecurity certifications include GCIH®, GPEN®, GXPN®, PMP® and more, with our CEO, Devi Momot, leading by example with CISSP®, GSLC® and GISP® certifications. As well, we were the first official Sophos Synchronized Security Partner globally.

Along our other lines of business, we have a BICSI-designated Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on our Building & Infrastructure team. And, with Mitel, our partner in Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), our technicians and sales representatives have acquired hundreds of certifications combined and are continuously keeping up with the latest certifications, including the Mitel Sales Professional training and Mitel MCD 3300 training.

Unlike larger corporations that may have a larger number of employees to handle customers across the nation, we believe in having our knowledgeable staff, some who have been with Twinstate for nearly 40 years, personally service our locations. We believe in building lasting relationships and the proof is evident. At Twinstate, we make the effort to visit our customers face-to-face and build not only a trust factor, but also get to know their business’s needs. This only adds to the customer service level that we strive to achieve where larger companies may not have the bandwidth for this personal approach. In the end, this gives us a deeper level of appreciation for our customer’s loyal business.

13414.jpegCirca 1970 – Founding Words 

As we approach our 50th Anniversary, we look forward to honoring our legacy brand, enduring relationships with our customers, and celebrating our milestones such as our Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certification federally and in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. Heading into the next 50 years, Twinstate will continue to be as progressive as it is experienced, offering technology solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers and providing, innovative, unique and best-practice solutions for scaling, securing and connecting businesses and organizations.