Twinstate Partners with Ruckus Wireless to Bring Next-Gen Solutions

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MORRISONVILLE, N.Y., Oct. 17th, 2017Twinstate Technologies® is proud to announce our newest partnership with Ruckus Wireless, an industry leader in delivering best-in-breed technology in access points to customers worldwide.

Founded in 2004, Ruckus Wireless has always been an innovator in their field. With over 100 patents and leading technology within the wireless industry, Ruckus is committed to developing the best products to meet business needs. 

Through this partnership, Twinstate can now offer better Wi-Fi access points to customers. According to Twinstate Technology’s Vice President of Sales, Jim Tynan, “The key to a better end-user experience on your Wi-Fi network isn’t necessarily more wireless access points, its better access points.” To clarify, Mr. Tynan elaborated on his point. “Due to the nature of RF signals, over saturating an area with too many access points can actually have a negative effect on your Wi-Fi connections. Ruckus uses their patented Beam flex technology to fine tune the Wi-Fi connections creating greater through-put with less hardware.” 

Unlike typical access points that tend to spread internet signals through the air and to devices in a radius, Ruckus access points allow for personalized directional signals to be aimed at devices, ultimately using all of your Wi-Fi for the purpose it was intended for – to help you conduct business rather than wasting a Wi-Fi signal towards a direction that doesn’t include house devices. Customers will no longer have dealt with the frustration of weak Wi-Fi or having to pay for a service that doesn’t serve your business needs. Recent third-party test results back up their philosophy.

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Whether your needs are outdoor, indoor or both, Ruckus’ Access Points (APs) are the industry’s best and most powerful to fit any business needs. Ruckus has also taken into account infrastructure. When other access points are limited by concrete walls and multiple floors, Ruckus APs can send a stronger, more consistent signal. Like most professionals, using a device for business needs in your office building while simultaneously moving from one end of the building to another is necessary. With these new access points, you can move from meeting to meeting, from floor to floor and from room to room without interruptions of signal or even experiencing a slower signal. And, you can move securely with Ruckus’ Cloudpath solution. With devices moving in and out of your network throughout the day, the last thing that should be a worry is the security supporting your network. Cloudpath will improve network security with its next-gen approach to passwords, pre-shared keys and MAC authentication.

Ruckus products will be available for immediate purchase through Twinstate Technologies. For those who are interested in learning more about Ruckus and their array of products, Twinstate will be teaming up with its new partner to bring our customers informational webinars and Lunch & Learns. If you’re interested in Twinstate hosting a Lunch & Learn for your group, please contact us at


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