Twinstate Success Stories: Northern Insuring Agency, Plattsburgh, NY

When Northern Insuring Agency decided to remodel their Plattsburgh location in 2016, they knew it wouldn’t be an easy task. The company was in need of more office space, but one thing stood in the way – their server room and data closet. It was taking up prime office real estate and needed to be moved. However, Northern Insuring Agency’s Chief Information Security Officer, Jason Bruce, knew this wouldn’t be an easy task.

“We had a large project ahead of us and when it came time to picking a partner, I didn’t look anywhere else but Twinstate,” said Bruce.

Pictured: Jason Bruce and Deena McCullough, President and CEO.

Once the project began it was quickly realized that there was a lot of work ahead. The cabling that had been installed was an unorganized, tangled mess, and on top of that, it was outdated. Moving the server and creating a new space for it to be housed required Twinstate Technologies to update the entire cable system for Northern Insuring Agency.

Once the physical location was established, the technician working with Northern Insuring Agency, Twinstate’s Chris Sidletsky, brought their cabling system back down to the very basics. Everything needed to be replaced and updated. In just a few weeks’ time, Sidletsky had gone through and completely replaced the entire building’s cable system to a new and updated version that best suited the new data room and would continue to hardwire into other system functions like security cameras and alarms.

Overall, the project required Twinstate to install 23,000 feet of cable, 392 inserts, nearly 70 different faceplates and more to get Northern Insuring Agency where they needed to be for their business operation now and also for the future.

“Chris was unbelievably professional and completely dedicated to this job. We were under deadline and he even worked Saturdays and nights to ensure this project was done in time,” Bruce added.

Following project completion, Sidletsky went as far as to follow up with Northern Insuring several times weeks later to ensure that the system was running smoothly without glitches of any kind.

New Cabling.jpg

“Not only did this migration happen quickly, I was incredibly impressed with how clean and organized the end result looked like. It was a complete transformation,” said Deena McCullough, President and CEO of Northern Insuring Agency.

As a result of this outstanding work and customer service, Twinstate earned another opportunity with Northern Insuring on the cybersecurity side. With cybercrime a growing concern, especially for those companies like insurance agencies where thousands of customers’ data is collected, both McCullough and Bruce knew it was necessary to build up their cyber defense.

 Jason and Deena.jpg

Northern Insuring’s Chief Information Security Officer, Jason Bruce, and Deena McCullough, President and CEO 

“We had such a great experience with Twinstate for our data server room migration that when it came time to talk about security, I knew right away that the professionals at Twinstate would know what I needed,” Bruce explained. “We worked with Hugh Herron who explained to us exactly what we would need to protect our network and why.”

Through this effort, Northern Insuring Agency invested in several cybersecurity packages based on Twinstate’s suggestions on what would work best with their already existing system. Offers like Perimeter Protect and Endpoint Spectrum Protection through Intercept X were deployed to work in concert with what had already been effective for Northern Insuring Agency.

Bruce concluded: “Twinstate has always exceeded our expectations. Their knowledge matched with their expertise goes above and beyond what other providers do.”

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