Twinstate Success Stories: Twinstate Helps Village of Potsdam, NY

Ensuring that a town operates smoothly requires a lot of moving parts. Balancing the needs of different departments whose sole purpose is to function for the people living there is key. The same goes for the Village of Potsdam who was in need of a new security and IT partner. They looked to Twinstate Techonologies for help.

Since having the opportunity to partner with the Village of Potsdam, Twinstate has had the incredible opportunity to showcase not only our next-generation security products and solutions but take pride in offering the human experience. In what can often be a confusing and stressful transition, Twinstate Technologies strives to make our partners comfortable and fully aware of every step in a project.

From coming on board with the Village to dive deep into diagnosing their network to fully integrating best-in-breed technology and solutions, our team at Twinstate successfully upgraded their network.

But our work wasn’t done there. Key members of the Twinstate team continue to follow up with the Village of Potsdam to ensure that all systems are functioning properly or to even answer questions from our customers. Because at Twinstate Technologies, we understand how important it is always to have someone real to talk to. 

To learn more about how the Village of Potsdam and Twinstate Technologies have worked together, read our case study.

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