Vermont Health Network Hit With Email Account Breach

The latest example of a compromised username and password resulting in a massive data breach hits Northern NY town, Elizabethtown.

The University of Vermont Health Network is acknowledging the breach of an employees email account that contained highly sensitive information including:

  • Personal information of 32,000 patients
  • Social security numbers of 1,200 patients
  • Billing information
  • Medical record numbers
  • Dates and descriptions of services provided

While the hospital’s computer network was left unscathed and no other accounts were compromised, this incident highlights the damage that can be done from just a single compromised email account.

The breach occurred on October 9th at the Elizabethtown Community Hospital. The information about the breach is now becoming public on the heels of a 60 day investigation into the incident.

The University of Vermont Health Network manages a six-hospital network that operates on both sides of Lake Champlain, with locations in Burlington, VT; Berlin, VT; Middlebury, VT; Plattsburgh, NY; Elizabethtown, NY; and Malone, NY.

If you’re concerned that you may have had your personal information exposed in the breach, you can contact the hospitals dedicated call center at 1-877-845-7516.

Your organization is at risk too! Read more about credential breaches and learn how to prevent them.

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