What is UCaaS and Why Do We Sell It?

Gone are the days where a business is limited by certain features its phone system can and cannot provide. All around the world organizations are choosing to make the switch to a cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, solution, rather than the traditional premise-based phone system. When it comes to providing advanced technnology and quality service to our customers, Twinstate Technologies® chooses Mitel and their solutions over all others.

With more than 40 years in the telecommunication industry, Mitel is the leader in cloud-based technology and solutions with its MiCloud service. MiCloud, Mitel’s Hosted Voice and VoIP solution, is changing the way phones function within the telecommunication industry. Cloud solutions don’t just offer a delivery mode for your phone interactions; the cloud provides a change in technology that has revolutionized telecom over the years. And Hosted Voice has plugged in, offering a more reliable and modern solution to the business phone system without breaking an organization’s budget.

At Twinstate, we recognize that customers are demanding that the industry shifts more towards cloud technology. With cloud-based solutions, users can purchase hosted voice for a single operational cost. Whereas buying and installing new phone systems used to cost companies an average of $15,000, a new phone system using cloud technology will allow for monthly payments of, for example, a few hundred. This monthly fee would include your business’s dial tone, maintenance fee, cloud access, new phone system and long distance calling while premise-based systems do not include some of these features and leave you with what will eventually become an outdated phone system. Similar to a mobile phone plan, you pay-as-you-go for the latest technology and quality while having the option to upgrade at any time.

At Twinstate, we recognize that customers are demanding that the industry shifts more towards cloud technology.twitter-logo-vector-download-612819-edited.jpg

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Twinstate’s customers recognize the importance of investing in reliability. While some phone systems offer VoIP, they don’t all necessarily offer a cloud to serve as a backup connection. When the internet provider loses internet service, so does your business. But you also lose the use of your phone system because it is tied directly to the web without another channel for its signals to fall back on.

Running a successful business means having a reliable phone system. After all, if both your phone and internet are offline, you could run the risk of paying your staff to sit and wait out the technical glitch which costs businesses time and money. With Hosted Voice through Mitel MiCloud, if your internet connection is lost, your business phone signal is simply switched over to run on the cloud completely separate from your internet and does so without glitches or interruptions. Because Mitel hosts the cloud, your system is now running through them while your internet connection is being repaired.

Running a successful business means having a reliable phone system.twitter-logo-vector-download-612819-edited.jpg

Worrying about updating your phone system’s technology won’t be necessary with MiCloud. For as long as the user has this system, Mitel will automatically upgrade your phone system with any software or hardware updates needed to keep the system running smoothly. Twinstate understands this is particularly useful to those smaller businesses who don’t necessarily have an IT professional onsite to stay abreast of the latest technology updates. With the investment made into this technology not only comes the expertise through Mitel, but the resource of Twinstate’s professionals as well.

Also run through the cloud is Mitel’s MiContact Center. MiContact modernizes and elevates businesses to the next level. Along with getting your software updates faster and helping your business migrate from premise-based equipment, the Center will also work with your existing Contact Center. This will help with those businesses who are in a slower migration and still using older phone systems with less flexibility.

As an SMB, we understand that being a business owner means that you are pulled in several directions and tackle all kinds of tasks throughout the day. Having to worry about a functioning phone system doesn’t have to be one of them. We are a proud partner of Mitel’s, providing the best in service to our fellow business owners without them needing to sacrifice quality for a lower price point.

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