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Put simply, we fill the gaps of entire organization's IT needs, from providing collaboration platforms to thwarting cybersecurity threats. With an eye toward the ever-evolving nature of the telecommunications field, we stay up to date so that our customers don't have to. Our entire business is based on delivering exceptional customer experiences such as establishing cloud, on-premise and hybrid UCC systems. We maintain a vast portfolio of offerings and provide both custom and subscription-based options designed to meet the individual needs of organizations of all sizes. No matter the distribution of your employees, we enable them to collaborate anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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“ We consider Twinstate Technologies® an extension of our team, for they are always there when we need them and continuously present us with advanced solutions that enable us to run our business more efficiently, better protect our data and the data of our guests, and compete in an industry that expects the extraordinary. “

Sheri Baraw Smith, Owner, VP & General Manager / Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa

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Combating Ransomware with Next-Gen Security

If you follow the news and keep up with events, you are all too familiar with the words “hacking,” “breaches,” “cybersecurity,” and “ransomware.” It seems that every day there is a report that a university, large retailer, hospital or business has fallen victim to a cyber-attack. Experts say that 2016 was record for the most ransomware attacks ever seen with payouts estimated to be $1 billion....Read More