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A Family Legacy of Technology

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For 50 years, Twinstate Technologies has evolved with the changing face of telecommunications in the U.S. and around the world. As telephony and security have become more and more aligned and intertwined, our specialists have kept current with the landmark decisions that have shaped the industry today. This is how we have been able to thrive for five decades, when others have been rendered obsolete.

Now owned by the second generation of the Currier family, we are certified as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise on the federal level as well as in New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. We maintain our hunger to stay on the leading edge of technology and work with tech titans, while also cultivating a community- and customer-centric mindset that pervades all that we do.

Culture at Twinstate Technologies

Devi Momot Headshot

Devi Momot

CEO & Acting CISO

Clark Currier Headshot

Clark Currier

VP, Operations

Dawn Currier Juneau

Dawn Currier Juneau

VP, Strategic Alliances


The practice of providing exceptional customer experiences for decades is not one that comes without its share of work. Because of this, we truly believe that our talented employees are the keys to our success. As we receive more demand for our services, we are always seeking to expand our outstanding team of passionate individuals.

We know that an excellent experience is as important for our customers as it is for our employees. Our staff has a collective eagerness for working at the forefront of technology, providing distinct and meaningful impacts on the businesses we serve.

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