Hosted PBX

One Seamless System


  • Save money -- with no hardware to break or service charges for system changes -- your business can reduce costs
  • Keep your calls online -- even in a disaster -- calls can be re-routed to cell phones even if lines are cut
  • Easily deploy new features and scale your number of phones and phone lines

hosted pbx with mpls

A cloud hosted PBX that's MPLS-enabled will ensure the highest levels of call clarity. MPLS is like a fast lane on the internet, this means your data gets travels with the lowest latency possible.

Cloud Hosted PBX
"Prioritize critical data like voice and video, MPLS will choose the fastest and lowest latency path possible. This means your data receives the express lane treatment. "


Feature Rich Systems

Taking your Hosted PBX off-premise enables us to provide a robust set of options to suit your business needs.

Voicemail email attachment

Voicemail to Email

Receive email voicemail notifications and voicemails emailed as attachments.

soft phone headset

Soft Phones

Run your phone system from your computer using a headset.

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Detailed Call Log Reports

Track and analyze call statistics to better understand how your business uses its phones.

Connect on cell phones, soft phones, desk phones and more.

Presence across multiple devices

Connect on cell phones, soft phones, desk phones and more.

Caller ID

Dynamic Outbound Caller IDs

Quickly change your outgoing caller ID

A group of people


Buzz multiple phones in a department at the same time.

Pain Points Solved

  • Remove failure points
    By taking your PBX off-premise you gain the backup of multiple data centers across the country.
  • Enjoy crystal clear call quality
    MPLS selects the quickest and lowest latency path possible to prioritize your voice and video data.
  • Pay for the lines you use
    Hosted PBX with burst billing allows you to automatically increase your line capacity during peak times.

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