Cyber Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training Done Right 

Change your employees online behavior to minimize your organization's risk. Solve your company's vulnerability to human error with cyber security awareness training for employees and combat everyday threats from phishing, CEO fraud, and ransomware. Let's get started! 

Humor & Micro-Learning

Our awareness training program is easy to learn, using five minute micro learning videos, delivered monthly. The video modules are funny, fun, and engaging, reinforcing core learning on topics including phishing, data protection, physical security, HIPAA, passwords, etc.

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"After three months, 33% of training users report they've changed something in their daily lives to make them more secure"

– Mimecast

How it Works

Our micro-learning video training modules use comedy to engage viewers and make learning memorable and fun. Knowledge retention is tested with phish tests that use authentic phishing emails we've intercepted and "defanged." Our risk scoring process than assigns a risk score for your employees and organization as a whole.

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Video Training

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Pain Points Solved

  • Fight security breaches caused by human error
    Our platform provides effective, relevant training techniques with predictive analytics to reduce employee security mistakes.
  • Engaging education
    If employees aren't engaged with training modules, they won't learn. Our quick videos are written by professionals to keep users laughing and learning.
  • Identify employees most at risk
    Focus your resources on the employees that need attention most wit specific training, direct counseling, or restricted system permissions.
  • Limit security mistakes by changing behavior
    We engage viewers using humor and deliver lessons efficiently over the year in a way that significantly changes behavior.

Questions about Awareness Training?