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Security Awareness Training Done Right

Change online behavior to minimize cyberliability.

Reduce your biggest security risk: human error.

Online Training Our awareness training program is fully online and can be done 100% contact-less. 
Phishing Tests We put knowledge retention to the test with phishing tests based on authentic phishing emails we've intercepted and defanged.
Risk Scoring Our risk scoring process assigns each employee a "risk score" based on their performance and calculates a risk score for your whole organization. Compare your score to industry averages.
How It Works

Humor & Microlearning

Our awareness training program is easy to learn, using five-minute microlearning videos, delivered monthly. The video modules are funny, fun, and engaging, reinforcing core learning on topics including phishing, data protection, physical security, HIPAA, passwords, etc.


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After three months, 33% of training users report they've changed something in their daily lives to make them more secure
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Security Awareness Training

Pain Points Solved

  • Fight security breaches caused by human error
    • Our platform provides effective, relevant training techniques with predictive analytics to reduce employee security mistakes.
  • Engaging, funny, and memorable lessons
    • If employees aren't engaged with training modules, they won't learn. Our quick videos are written by professionals to keep users laughing and learning.
  • Identify the employees who are your biggest security risk
    • Focus your resources on the employees that need attention most with specific training, direct counseling, or restricted system permissions.
  • Limit security risks by correcting behavior 
    • We engage viewers using humor and deliver lessons efficiently over the year in a way that significantly changes behavior.
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Cybersecurity Training Done Right

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