Outsource the operations of your cybersecurity strategy

Not every organization can afford to maintain its own IT department and have access to the expertise and security that an in-house IT professional would provide. Twinstate Technologies offers this and more in packages that are affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.


Whether you require helpdesk work, patching, backups, email protection or network security, we have an offering to meet that need, with our Unified Defense Strategies™. This encompasses:

  • Endpoint Spectrum Protection: The average person has at least seven devices, or endpoints, that function properly on a daily basis. From mobile phones to printers, these devices all connect to a network that can also be a gateway for cyberattacks. Our service monitors and maintains your devices and network resources, and can provide helpdesk services as you need them.
  • Email Hosting & Protection: While email communication is essential for all businesses, it also has inherent cyber-risks. We offer a hosted exchange environment and protection for your email through filtering, archiving and encryption.
  • Baseline Defense: One of the easiest things you can do to reduce your exposure to malicious attacks is to implement this patch-management program. This one simple step can halt a piece of malware or an attacker from compromising your network through vulnerabilities.
  • Business Continuity & Backup: In a fast-moving marketplace, all it takes is a single infected computer to paralyze an organization and affect its financial performance. This service provides you with backup and restoral services at the image, folder and application levels, which are customized to your organization's desired recovery time.
  • Perimeter Protect™: The perimeter of your network is a major entry point for cybercriminals. Our Perimeter Protect™ solution supplies a next-generation firewall with superior UTM capabilities. In addition, cybersecurity experts monitor your network to provide the highest level of network security.

Know that you're in good hands and focus your resources where you need them most. Contact one of our specialists, who can help you determine the right solution for your organization.