Email Hosting and Protection

Next-generation email protection powered by Twinstate Technologies

Protect your Business From Human Mistakes 

Defend against spear-phishingmalwarespam, and zero-day attacks with innovative and proactive email security technologies and policies.

Email hosting and Protection (EHP) also adds another layer of protection with business continuity features. Access your email from your own email portal that you can brand, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Why Email Security Solutions?

Email is the #1 attack vector. We are the weakest links in our security. Hackers know this and target us hoping we'll make a mistake.

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100% Cloud-Based

Experience full email Exchange functionality without the hassle and expense of on-premise hardware and software deployments. Our cloud-based Hosted Exchange server provides all of the key features you would expect from email, alongside basic spam and virus filtering, and limited email encryption capabilities.

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Email Archival

Keeping up with a flood of emails is a daily practice. Having the ability to consolidate, store and retrieve them for review at another time is indispensable. Our Email Archival service provides scalable, in-the-cloud email retention and storage, securely pulling messages from the server. It stores them in the cloud using 256-bit encryption, the same Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) used to protect top secret information. Search features and retention terms up to ten years complete this robust archiving option.

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Email Filtering

Threats are upon us every day. Our Email Filtering takes the worry away. Guarding against the latest cyber dangers are click-time link scanning, advanced anti-malware, and gray/bulk mail filtering. Our approach aims to block phishing, sophisticated malware, and spam well before reaching and breaching your network. We select technologies and develop services to provide the most optimal prevention and detection.

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Email Encryption

Sharing financials, legal documents, intellectual property, or other sensitive data? Then Email Encryption is imperative. As with all security features, Email Encryption isn’t foolproof. But, it is a best practice to implement when transmitting valuable and private material, consequently lessening your exposure to cybercrime and compliance penalties. Our Email Encryption offering gives you the ability to send and receive emails in a secure and encrypted, or encoded, manner, helping you meet compliance standards – requirements that are becoming stricter daily. With Email Encryption, you can encrypt your emails on-demand or automatically, based on your organization’s email processing policies.

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Business Continuity

Keeping your organization operational at all times is fundamental. Our Email Continuity solution enables you to guarantee email is coming in and going out during email server outages. Email use, access, and storage remain working via inbound and outbound email filtering with continuity.

How does email protection work?

Email is the most targeted business application. To name a few hacker techniques, business email compromise, CEO scams, phishing emails. The list is quite expansive. And think of all the critical information that is passed through emails. Email protection is critical and is an important feature to have in your cybersecurity stack. The less chance we have as users to make a mistake that could cost $100,000, the better. Email protection scans incoming emails, rejects them if they are 100% malicious, and flags any emails that look suspicious. Our email protection solution even includes user awareness training, so if you click on a link in an email, it will bring you to a browser and ask you, "is this link/attachment safe," helping to increase your awareness on potentially malicious links.

EHP email spoofing

Key Benefits and Features

  • Prevention of Email-based Threats
  • Complete, “Always On” Email Functionality
  • Server Storage and Bandwidth Savings
  • Minimal to No Management Required
  • Automatic, Safe Email Storage for Future Review
  • Facilitate Compliance with Regulations

In the 2019 DBIR, 94% of malware was delivered by email

Pain Points Solved

  • Communication resiliency
    Our cloud delivered solution has integrated continuity, meaning email is always available to end-users on Outlook, mobile, PC and Mac
  • Malicious content filtering & URL inspection
    Stop malicious emails that contain harmful attachments, misleading URLs, impersonation attempts, fraud, and business email compromises from ever reaching your network.
  • Scanned & secured messaging
    Never send out sensitive information unencrypted again. Secure messaging inspects every message to ensure that sensitive information is encrypted and never sent out in a readable cleartext format.

Questions about Email Protection?