Endpoint Spectrum Protection

Endpoint security and patch management made easy

Multi-faceted defense

The average person has at least seven devices, or endpoints,
that need to function properly, on a daily basis. Whether it’s
your server, mobile phone, laptop or printer, they all connect
to a network, such as a business network or the Internet. This
connection is a gateway for the devices to be susceptible
to cyberattacks which could threaten your productivity.

How does endpoint protection work?

Cyber-attacks are more advanced than ever, making it critical that a client’s cyber defenses are coordinated. Our Endpoint Spectrum Protection (ESP) offering delivers centralized management allowing for all security components to speak to each other and provide incredible protection and quick incident response.

Eliminate Blind Spots

ESP actively hunts for evasive threats, eliminating blind spots in a client’s environment. This service also illuminates how a threat takes place, how it entered a system, and where it traveled.

Active Adversary Protection – Stop Hackers

Block the exploit techniques commonly used to break into organizations. Deep learning technology is leveraged to block the latest malware including never before seen malware (signatureless detection). Deny credential harvesting, lateral movement, and privilege escalation.

Why Endpoint Protection?

Building a solid security foundation for your organizationis fundamental; and, protecting the endpoints bears great weight in this equation. Providing a managed services suite of tools, ESP brings you a variety of options from which to choose to guard your endpoints. It uses industry-standard tools from our premier technology partners for centralized management, logging and alerting, software and OS patching, antivirus and antimalware, and host detection. You can also obtain access to our expert helpdesk team and services for added assistance.

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Proactive Threat Identification

ESPs coordinated approach to security enables advanced threat indicators, like suspicious network traffic, to be identified, communicated between firewall and endpoint, preventing attacks, or malicious activity.

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Compromised systems are actively identified by our ESP service. Device names, users, and paths are shared between the Endpoint and Firewall, allowing us to act quickly.

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Minimized Threat Impact

Compromised endpoints are automatically isolated by the firewall, while the endpoint terminates and removes malicious software.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Automated patch management for Microsoft and third-party software -- centrally managed and rolled out on-demand or on a schedule to minimize work interruptions for the end user
  • Centralized and automated patch management gives us great insight into the patch status of any application on any given machine
  • Automated inventory of network devices -- easily identify devices on your network
  • Irregular device connections are readily detected and listed

In the 2019 DBIR, 94% of malware was delivered by email

Questions about endpoint protection?