Faster deployment of IP paging systems for efficient response times

In an environment where every second counts, the need to access and share accurate patient information has never been more prominent than it is in the medical field. With gaps existing in the role of communication delivery, you need a solution to fill them. The same sense of urgency rings true for education, as schedules are a significant element to the structure and function of schools (K–12) and institutes of higher education.


The good news is that Twinstate Technologies supports many IT networks and cloud services in various industries. We design infrastructure solutions to provide a custom technology framework that improves response times, increases network stability and provides reliable connectivity. Whether you're in education and you need a custom bell schedule, or you work for an entire district synchronized for athletic programs and testing, this is our area of expertise. If you're in health care, our wireless solution for clocks, bells and paging can meet the demands of your time-sensitive tasks that allow you to signal and respond to emergencies as they occur.