Perimeter Protect

More than just a next-generation firewall

Proactive threat protection made simple

Don’t wait to take a hit from cybercrime. The perimeter of
your network is a major entry point for cybercriminals.
So, why not start your security setup here? Be ahead of
heightened risk with Perimeter Protect, a fusion of a next-generation firewall and enhanced security services.


Because yesterday’s firewalls don’t meet today’s needs, but Perimeter Protect does.

What is a next-generation firewall?

A firewall is a device that sits on a network. Its role is to prevent traffic, people, and devices out on the internet from getting into your private network. 

The new next-gen firewalls are used to keep malicious activity and unwanted traffic off your network.

Layered Threat Defense

Protect your network's perimeter with these seven key technologies

icon Shield Advanced Threat Protection
Advanced Threat
icon Sandboxing
icon Web Protection
Web Protection
icon Aim Identify and Isolate
Identify and Isolate Compromised Systems
icon Email Security
Email Protection
icon Firewall
Web Application Firewall
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Perimeter Protect Features

It's not just your typical next-generation firewall offering

Monthly subscription icon

Monthly subscription

hardware and services icon (1)

Hardware + services bundle

security icon

Prime security functionality

active monitoring and management icon

Active security management & monitoring

reporting icon

Standardized monthly reporting

Pain Points Solved

  • SD-WAN, VPN and wireless connectivity
  • On-premise hardware or cloud solution available
  • Performance
  • Integration with your other IT solutions
  • Reporting and alerting
  • Easy to use

Questions About Network Security?