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Network Discovery

Twinstate's premier network security scan solution

Your IT security health check.

Network discovery is a solution that gives you a concrete idea of your network's strengths and weaknesses are.


  • A Clear Picture of Your Network
  • Discovering Your Data’s Current Level of Risk
  • A Discussion on Current Hacking Trends
  • Practical and Affordable Product and Service Options to Secure Your Network
  • An Accurate and Updated Report on Your Workstations (When Buying Software Licenses in the Future, This Can Be Helpful)

What is Network Discovery?

Network Discovery is a network security scan solution that scans your entire network. The scan generates and gathers data on your company’s user accounts, resource usage, and the inventory of your machines to create a big picture view of your network. Besides the basics, the scan also probes for basic information about each of your found machines. Patching, password policies and operating systems are probably not the first things you think of when someone talks to you about information security but knowing your system specs is the first step to hardening your defenses.

Cybersecurity Hero

"Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day."

How it Works

You'll either use the hardware and software you have, or buy new, and we (as the hosting provider) will handle the network, power, and housing demands of your server infrastructure.

Discovery Meeting


Security Assessment

Network Scan


Analysis &
Remediation Plan


  • A full-coverage scan of your network
    Scan for patching, password policies, operating systems, antivirus, active directory, and more.
  • Risk ratings of your weaknesses
    Identify your highest risk vulnerabilities and prioritize your remediation efforts.
  • Consultation after the scan
    Review of your results with our team and fully understand your outcome.

Questions about Network Discovery?