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Patch Management

Quickly Resolve Software Flaws

Keep your desktops, laptops, and servers patched with the latest patches. We make it easy to see computers missing critical patches and to sort by patch vendor, threat, priority and more.

What is Patch Management?

Nearly 90% of cyber attacks could have been prevented with an existing patch. Yet, many devices are still at risk because patching is time-consuming and challenging. We make it easy, managing your patching for you and monitoring the status of your servers and workstations.

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Bothering with basic security measures — like patching vulnerable systems — could've prevented [Equifax's] massive data breach last year."


How it Works

Patch management is an integral part of network security as it protects your operating system and applications from malicious attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in unpatched software. A patch is a software update containing computer code that is placed (or patched) into the code of a software program.

Developers release patches as temporary fixes in between full releases of new software. Outsourcing patching gives you a dedicated team of experts and automation, securing your software from hackers and bad actors, and security peace of mind. By outsourcing, it frees up time for your organization's IT staff to focus on other more pressing tasks, making your organization more productive as a whole.

Pain Points Solved

  • Fight security breaches caused by human error
    Our platform provides effective, relevant training techniques with predictive analytics to reduce employee security mistakes.
  • Engaging education
    If employees aren't engaged with training modules, they won't learn. Our quick videos are written by professionals to keep users laughing and learning.
  • Identify employees most at risk
    Focus your resources on the employees that need attention most wit specific training, direct counseling, or restricted system permissions.
  • Limit security mistakes by changing behavior
    We engage viewers using humor and deliver lessons efficiently over the year in a way that significantly changes behavior.

Questions about Patch Management?