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Find your weakest links

Pentesting literally tests your current security against a variety of factors. The main goal of a pentest is to figure out what techniques hackers can exploit to get access to your critical business information.


  • Stop worrying about the integrity of data backups
  • Secure and protect business data from harm
  • Meet regulatory compliance standards
  • Easily access, restore and recover critical data in minutes
  • BDR Virtualization ensures business continuity when server hardware fails

Good People Doing Bad Things

PenTesting is when we put on our own bad hacker hats and try to exploit your organization's weakest links. If we are successful in any our our attempts, we can suggest the right tools, technologies and strategies to better protect you from the real bad guys.

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employees engaged in dialog with an imposter and disclosed sensitive information.

– Positive Technologies

How it Works

Pentesting is another great way to help identify your security weaknesses. Identifying risks is an important step in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Pentesting specifically helps to make sure your cybersecurity technologies, your policies, and even your employee behavior, so you can prioritize your investments.

How often should you do a pentest?

Regularly. Hackers are always evolving, and our environments are always changing. It's important to do regular testing and assessments to make sure critical vulnerabilities don't emerge without your knowledge.

Types of PenTests

Targeted Testing

We'll work together with your internal IT team to conduct the penetration test

External Testing

In this situation, we'd put our hacker hats on and attempt to access your servers and devices. Our goal is to identify if and how a hacker could gain access to your systems, and what damage they could do when they get there.

Internal Testing

This test aims to identify how much damage a disgruntled employee could do with their standard access privileges.

Black box testing

We'll simulate the actions and procedures a real hacker would do. Our tester will receive no information on your organization before we do the test, this way they start exactly where a hacker might.

White box testing

Our pentesters will get your IP address and other network infrastructure information prior to conducting their ethical hacking procedures.

Pain Points Solved

  • Find your weaknesses...
    before hackers do and adjust your security stack to prevent the attacks in the future
  • Test the effectiveness of your security controls
    Gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your existing security controls.
  • Prioritized vulnerabilities
    When you get an extensive list of vulnerabilities, how do you know what's most critical? Pentests categorize your risks so you can make sound decisions
  • Practice Incident Response
    With penetration testing, your team likely will be unaware of the tests going on. Responding to incidents correctly is vital to IR success. This is a great test to see how your team would react, and what you could do better in the future.

Questions about penetration testing?