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Managed IT Security

Cybersecurity and IT as a Service

Protect your network perimeter with layered threat defenses.



icon: IT support (light green) People Gain a team of IT and cybersecurity specialists. Remove your hiring headaches and benefit from the top trained talent in the nation plus a vCIO.
icon: checklist (light green) Processes Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, your business can harness the power of the Secur8D process to gain a competitive edge over competitors.
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Our credentialed team of experts evaluates and applies complementary technologies to gain greater visibility and keep spam, malware, ransomware, and other advanced threats off your network.
How It Works

Managed IT Security & Strategy

Secur8D is a user-based bundle of cybersecurity solutions and IT services that deliver layered protection and support for your organization. Gain the protection and guidance you deserve, from the industry's top talent.

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"Twinstate has always exceeded our expectations. Their knowledge matched with their expertise goes above and beyond what other providers do."
Jason Bruce Chief Information Security Officer
Get the most for your money.

The Secur8D Model

The Secur8D security model was designed to deliver a predictable IT spend and helo organizations focus on running their mission-critical business operations. Here's what we deliver:

Secur8D icon User-Based Billing Simple Billing

Simple. Easy. Straightforward. Our user-based billing model eliminates cluttered, hard to read invoices. Each month you receive a clean and readable statement that ensures accuracy. With Secur8D, you'll only pay for your employees actively using our service. Do you have a new employee to add? Easy. Have an employee to remove? Just as easy. Simple, manageable, complete security.

Secur8D icon XaaS XaaS Delivery

Our Everything-as-a-Service model (XaaS) significantly reduces costs and streamlines IT deployments. Your organization no longer needs to incur the expense of purchasing and maintaining expensive application servers and software. Less on-premise IT means less physical overhead. Leveraging the XaaS model allows us to significantly reduce the price of Secur8D compared to internal, on-premise substitutes.

Secur8D icon Top-Tier Talent Top-Tier Talent

The shortage of IT talent is one of the top emerging risks facing organizations. Hiring the right people internally to secure your business is a significant challenge. Secur8D provides you a team of specialists, each with their own area of expertise to support a layered security model. Augment and enhance your existing IT capabilities with the Secur8D team's deep and diverse pool of knowledge.

Secur8D icon Licenses Centralized Services

The amount of software needed in business today expands across multiple functions, features, and vendors, making licenses one of the most challenging and expensive components of a cybersecurity plan. Secur8D handles all licensing issues by bundling our enterprise-security tools, taking the guesswork out of licenses at an economical price.

Secur8D icon Vendor Management Vendor Management

Security flaws at third-party vendors are one of your most significant security risks. Using a vendor that has weak security is like having a deadbolt on your door but leaving your window wide open. It's a natural entry point for bad actors. We vet every vendor to ensure tight security and compliance with an array of industry regulations.

Secur8D icon Strategic Roadmap Strategic Roadmap

Every organization needs a cybersecurity program. Establishing one on your own can be daunting. Secur8D makes it easy. A dedicated vCIO will help you develop a strategic roadmap to keep your business and technology aligned. Our vetted processes and knowledge are tailored to your needs to achieve your desired business goals.

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