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The year your business started plays a huge difference in how your business's infrastructure is designed and performing.

Data transfers, lightning fast.

Copper and Fiber Solutions Twinstate Technologies specializes in copper, and fiber cabling solutions.
Increase Uptime The design is guaranteed to increase availability and uptime, with less room for human error.
Save Time and Money Saved time = saved money. You'll spend less time fixing things, making moves, adds, or changes so you'll have more money to invest in other critical business areas.
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Cable Plant Solutions

Cabling is the process by which a network cable—the medium—transfers information between multiple devices, like computers, routers and storage centers. We specialize in copper, and fiber cabling solutions. 

Do you have a dedicated data room, or are your cables, servers and other infrastructure thrown into the closest closet? These factors can make it or break it when it comes to the exceptional performance of your systems.

example of what bad cabling looks like
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Bad Cabling costs your business big. If your cables look like this, it's time to take another look...

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