Choose the deployment platform that works for you

Our on-premise and cloud platforms enable organizations of all sizes to do more with less, so how you choose to deploy and leverage them is a question of what's best for your unique business. But deciding how much of your business will be migrated to the cloud—or even if you should leverage cloud technology in the first place—is not a one-size-fits-all process. Common concerns include the level of security the cloud could provide your business and whether your operations need to come to a halt for the migration. This is why Twinstate Technologies' team works with customers through a discovery process to determine which design is most logical based on several factors, including business goals, time frames, current facilities and investments.


No matter if you choose an on-premise, cloud or hybrid approach, you receive a single stream of software with the same feature-rich applications. Organizations can benefit from economy of scale by using a portion of a cloud solution, with quick deployments that require fewer internal resources. For most business models, the application is hosted remotely. This can increase uptime, productivity and business-continuity planning, while reducing real estate and licensing costs.