True business mobility comes from enabling work anytime, anywhere

No IT advances to date have had the same impact on business tools as the Internet's user experience. Paired with mobile technology, the Internet continues to shape users' desire to access information, no matter when or where. Your employees expect the same freedom to work on the go as they do to buy movie tickets with a few clicks. If you fail to keep up with this demand, they will inevitably seek other solutions.

But it's also importamobility-detail.jpgnt to look at the immensely positive aspects of pleasing your employees with easy access to mobile technology. Our mobility solutions extend the reach of your unified communications to users around the globe, enabling them to benefit from the convenience of a single contact number.

Your users can manage their presence statuses, view corporate contact details and easily access call-history information and voice-message details. As all calls are placed through your corporate communications systems, they can rely on the same service provisions that you use at your home base. And to keep others in the loop, this product also lets both the organization and the user define GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network locations so that they update presence statuses automatically based on location or time of day.