Boosting productivity across the enterprise in real-time

Gone are the days of all-hands meetings. Today's businesses require their employees to have the freedom to conduct work from any device and through any medium, be it via audio, video or Web. Without this freedom, productivity is stifled. But how do you accomplish this in a structured way? And how do you keep your employees from seeking out their own solutions, which can potentially bring cracks into your cybersecurity structure and cause you unforeseen licensing costs?


Free your employees from the restraints of legacy systems and unnavigable email chains. Real-time collaboration embraces modern workflows such as holding both scheduled and ad hoc conferences, sharing via desktops and applications, utilizing multi-point video conferencing and establishing a Web-based collaboration viewer. Your organization needs the tools to help it institute efficient processes. Twinstate Technologies has the cloud, on-premise and hybrid tools to make it happen.