Custom solutions for businesses of all sizes

With several platforms available, Twinstate Technologies designs custom communications solutions that suit your business needs. But what does that really mean? What does the act of choosing what's best for your organization encompass? And what are your options?


To start, there's never one solution that suits everyone. What should be taken into account is the size of your business, your growth plans, your budget and how your staff likes to operate and collaborate. In on-premise solutions, your software is run on computers within your building(s). The benefit of these systems are that they're often very familiar and easy to use, though they lack the benefits of remote servers or cloud technology. Alternatively, cloud solutions are operated through Web-based tools and applications, enabling simultaneous collaboration while minimizing overhead costs. You can also virtualize aspects of your data center and communications systems in order to save energy—think of it as a virtual foundation of your business infrastructure. And finally, there are hybrid solutions that combine the best of both worlds, giving you the flexibility and complex reporting facilitated by the cloud plus the security of an on-premise gateway, for example.

No matter which type of communications platform you wish to use, our certified specialists consider your budget and size to cater to your needs. We work with industry leaders to ensure that you can afford a great communication system that will fuel your growth into the future.