Rely on our certified IT-support specialists

One set cost for all the ongoing support you require. That's how simple support should be. But too often you can find yourself faced with the consequences of having to pay more for additional help. If an issue arises, you should be spending less time navigating à la carte pricing and more time relying on support specialists to get the job done.


Reliability is the litmus test of any good unified communications system. We created our comprehensive support offerings with this in mind. That's why we pair preventative maintenance that addresses issues before they have a chance to arise with repair-and-replace protection, so you don't have to do any guesswork as to what it will cost you. Ongoing software updates maintain system operability, security and performance, while a faster service-priority dispatch system addresses issues for those with general maintenance agreements. And so as not to leave any customers in the dark, we also provide unlimited telephone consultations with our Technical Assistance Center.