24/7 Dark Web Monitoring

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With Unmaskify, you can actively scan the dark web for your organizations exposed usernames and passwords that are actively for sale on the dark web.


  • Instant alerts on username and passwords discovered for sale on the dark web
  • Reputation management from preventing data breaches that are often showcased in the news
  • Proactive, continuous monitoring of your domain

Why dark web monitoring?

Protect your organization from account takeover

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of hacking-related breaches leveraged stolen passwords

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4.2 Billion

email account credentials are for sale on the Dark Web

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of businesses with <1,000 employees have been hacked

How does Unmaskify work?

Unmaskify helps you protect your organizations' accounts from a cybersecurity breach due to compromised employee credentials by monitoring the dark web in real-time. When our intelligence picks up on your organizations' information for sale, you're automatically alerted when it’s time to change passwords because your credentials are up for sale on the dark web. It's a quick and painless set up to boot!

How do risk assessments work?

Shine a spotlight on the darkest corners of the Dark Web

Unmaskify arms your with the intelligence to take action before compromise becomes catastrophe.


66% of people use only 1 or 2 passwords for all their accounts”

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