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CIOs are instrumental in developing an IT roadmap to set your company up for success. We work with organizations of all types and sizes, and help them find an IT strategy that aligns and drive business goals.

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What are vCIO Services?

With Virtual CIO services, our main objective is to provide technology success that aligns with your business objectives. As IT is playing a more critical role, managing your objectives, technology and strategic planning is becoming of greater importance. Your vCIO will sit down with you to get a better understanding of your current environment, and your objectives. From there you'll get a roadmap that helps prioritize IT projects and investments to help drive your IT business impact.


Strategic IT Roadmap
know exactly what your IT spend will be to reach your business goals.


  • Identify business risk
    Failure of hardware and services impacts your employees' performance and sometimes client satisfaction.
  • Cost savings
    A full-time CIO will cost you a six-figure salary and benefits. With a vCIO, you get all the benefits of a CIO, without the additional salary on your payroll.
  • IT Roadmap
    Get a detailed plan that maps out your IT investments, listed by importance. You'll know what your IT spend will be and the associated ROI.

Implementation Timeline

First, we’ll conduct a discovery meeting to evaluate your current network systems and current IT state.

We will summarize your business goals and technology risks into an actionable, long-term technology roadmap.

Together, we will execute the roadmap and make adjustments where necessary. We will constantly evaluate your business objectives, IT performance and roadmap to make sure you get the most out of your IT spend.


Discovery Meeting

Week 1

Deep dive assessment

Week 2

Business impact of technology

Week 3


Week 4+

Continued review, budgeting and planning

Week 5+

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