Reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes

To evolve, compete and be regulation-compliant, healthcare organizations must be in tune with their technology environment. Navigating the complexities of privacy, managing security risk and ensuring compliance are industry musts. Without stringent protocols, your organization could face catastrophic financial, legal and reputation challenges.


Be proactive, not reactive. Lean on Twinstate Technologies to reduce your vulnerabilities—and gain a trusted partner. Our certified security experts and suite of services address many concerns plaguing healthcare today, whether it’s ensuring your organization is HIPAA-compliant, anticipating and alerting you of threats, increasing your network’s perimeter defense or protecting your innovative technologies.

Harness your organization’s pioneering spirit by looking to technology to increase your competitive advantage. Bolster flexibility and collaboration between your specialists with our unified communications and collaboration offerings. Remote conference, integrated chat and voice solutions are a few of many collaboration options that enable medical teams to share knowledge with ease. Together they ignite faster response times to patient cases, resulting in higher patient satisfaction, reduced costs and improved patient outcomes.